The Time NCT Recreated Their Baby Photos And They Looked Exactly The Same

Prepare to swoon!

Children’s Day falls on the 5th of May every year in South Korea. In 2018, the boys of NCT 2018 recreated their baby photos in the most adorable way ever, as a present to fans. These were posted on their official Twitter accounts. The amount of effort that went into reenacting these precious moments are way too cute to handle! Here are the 21 members’ attempts at it!

1. Doyoung

He even found a blue denim bucket hat and a lollipop to recreate the pose. Fans praised how his outfits as a kid were incredibly hip and fashionable!

2. Taeyong

The leader of NCT took these photos in a childhood home likely. He returned to the spot to recreate the photo. We give him ten out of ten for maximum effort! Even though he could not find a scooter and helmet, he made up for it by bringing his puppy, Ruby, into the photo.

3. Johnny

Wait, we’re doing a double take! Is that the exact same hat or are we tripping? Johnny nails the photo all the way down to the detailed tension in his fingertips!

4. Jungwoo

Jungwoo proves that he has certainly been adorable since birth! He recreated the cute double V pose while sitting on a low brick wall. Did he take the photo in the same place as Doyoung?

5. Mark

Mark looks adorable as he tries to recreate the studious pose from his childhood days. His childhood was spent in Canada, as many would know. He made the cutest student ever.

6. Yuta

His facial features look exactly the same! With his long messy hair, wide eyes and high nose bridge, it is no wonder he grew up to be an idol.

7. Winwin

Winwin’s sparkling eyes have not changed one bit, neither did his sweet smile! He recreates the look by gazing far into the distance wistfully.

8. Lucas

We always knew Lucas was handsome but this takes the cake. His looks were complete even as a young chilld! His trademark puppy-dog eyes haven’t gone anywhere we see.

9. Jaehyun

We’re about to scream at this one. His fluffy cheeks and mischievous smile remains the same! It’s like only his body grew bigger. He’s not the visual king for nothing!

10. Jeno

Jeno grew up in the spotlight since he was young, as a kid CF actor. Perhaps that’s why he was stylish even since then! He creates the look with a stuffed puppy and a matching messenger bag.

11. Jisung

Did you guys notice the details he put in at the back? On the wall behind him, scribbled are the worlds “ski resort” and “people”! He must’ve felt bad about the difference in background!

12. Taeil

Taeil never seems to age! Was he born in 1994 or 2004? He recreated the photo with the same adorable pose. We only are a little bit miffed he didn’t try to find the same outfit – we could’ve seen him in overalls!

13. Kun

WayV‘s leader and resident mom looked pretty hip even as a kid, with his checked shirt and khakis with more checked details.

14. Chenle

Okay we’re kind of disappointed he didn’t go for his other iconic childhood photos, such as the one of him wielding a prop gun or posing next to an imported car. He looks as adorable as ever though, in his Superman costume.

15. Renjun

Another one that didn’t age, Renjun poses cutely with a prop toy plane and a pacifier! He even edited some cute stickers onto his cheeks.

16. Jaemin

His angelic smile is the same as ever! He also made the same effort as Jisung, and wrote “green grass” on the whiteboard behind him!

17. Haechan

The mischievous joker of NCT puts on a playful smile to reenact his baby photo! Who knew that this adorable baby would grow up to be the absolute ace of NCT, with his all-rounder skills?

18. Ten

Ten was undoubtedly the prettiest baby ever. Does everyone agree with us? He could’ve been a baby model, with those dark eyes, long eyelashes and rosy cheeks! Of course, he grew up just as well.

While NCT 2018 did not include Hendery, Yangyang and Xiaojun, who all joined NCT a little bit later, as a bonus for this update in 2020, here are the three!

19. Hendery

Hendery’s large expressive eyes looks the same as when he was a child. We wonder what mischief he got into back then, to result in the wound on his forehead!

| @henderyhq/Twitter

20. Yangyang

Yangyang grew up in Germany, perhaps that’s why his photo looks like a foreign advertisement for children’s clothes!

| @ourliuyangyang/Twitter

21. Xiaojun

Xiaojun must’ve been everyone’s childhood crush! He looked like the epitome of a handsome Chinese boy, even back then.

| @xiaodjun_/Twitter 

It’s a pity Children’s Day only comes once a year! We’d love to see more of these attempts to recreate childhood photos, just for how cute they are while doing it!

Source: Pann and NCT Official Twitter