NCT DREAM’s Jaemin Hides How Much He Cares, According To Jeno — But Here Are 9 Ways Jaemin Proved He Cares For His Members More Than Anyone

He is like the mom of the group!

An interview NCT DREAM had for the 31st Seoul Music Awards had fans feeling soft when the members shared encouraging messages to each other. Jeno‘s message to Jaemin in particular was really touching, since the two have been close friends since childhood.

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Jeno’s thoughtful message said that Jaemin sometimes hides how much he cares, when the truth is that he cares for his members a lot. Jeno very sweetly encouraged Jaemin to express that more openly, and also thanked him for looking after him and the other members so much.

As adorable as this is, there are numerous instances in which Jaemin has shown just how much he cares for his members. The members themselves have referred to him before as the ‘mom of the group’ (and to Jeno as the dad), and Jaemin himself has really leaned into that role. Here are 9 ways in which Jaemin has proved just how much he cares for his members!


1. He always cooks for them

The members have all acknowledged that Jaemin is the main cook in the group, so he is the one they come to for food!


2. He teases them, but he always shares

Jaemin is very much a jokester, but he is also unfailingly considerate.

3. He is always taking pictures of them with his own camera

Jaemin is passionate about photography, and he regularly takes pictures of the members with his own personal camera.


4. He always makes sure everyone has a good time

Jaemin is not really an extrovert, but that doesn’t stop him from constantly making everyone laugh.

He also always makes sure that the others feel comfortable, which is something that fans really appreciate about him.

5. He is very affectionate

Jaemin is no stranger to expressing his affection for his members…

| Yeon tanie/YouTube

…especially the younger ones!

6. He is always watching out for them in small ways

Jaemin often tends to be in his own world, but he never fails to be extremely attentive to his members!

7. He bought custom-made presents

Mark reportedly refuses to stop wearing the special custom-made shoes that Jaemin gifted him with, with Haechan even joking that Mark will wear them until the end.

8. He is extremely dependable

The members all go to him for different things, whether it’s for help with cooking, for comfort, or for reassurance.

9. He is the mom of the group

All in all, Jaemin is undoubtedly the mom of the group. He looks out for his members in every way he can, and he is always very affectionate with them too. He has even joked about being the mom himself…

| STATV/YouTube

…and his ‘mom friend’ vibes are so strong that even brand new NCTzens couldn’t miss them.

Jeno always makes it a point to emphasize how much Jaemin does for everyone, and it’s very touching to see him encouraging Jaemin to be more open and to be himself, caring as he is. Jaemin may occasionally act like he doesn’t care, but there is no denying that he is clearly one of the most caring people out there!