9 Times NCT DREAM’s Jaemin Was The King Of Twerking

He does it whenever and wherever.

With twerking becoming a popular dance worldwide, NCT DREAM‘s Jaemin is one of the idols who aren’t afraid to bounce their backside. Though he may not do it the traditional way every time, he’s having fun trying. Check out nine times no one—especially Mark—could stop him from being the king of twerking.

Jaemin | Mnet

1. His freestyling in Thailand was too hot to handle for Mark and the other members.

2. Jaemin’s twerking can make any party exciting.

3. The idol even takes “Jaemin Twerk” requests.

4. What’s a dance challenge without a bit of twerking?

5. He drove Peruvian NCTzens wild with his dancing.

6. The viral twerk that sent everyone into a meltdown.

7. Jisung couldn’t resist slapping Jaemin’s bouncing backside.

8. Even Jeno can’t contain Jaemin’s twerking.

9. Jaemin’s twerking is so fun all the members had to join.