Here’s The NCT DREAM Member Who Would Be Your BFF, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Which member did you get?

NCT DREAM‘s seven members are all so talented, sweet, and hilarious that it’s no wonder that NCTzens want to be best friends with the entire group!

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Here’s which NCT DREAM member you’d get along best with according to your zodiac sign!

1. Mark

Mark is a Leo, and this fire sign is known for being super friendly. Leos are chatty and love striking up conversations with anyone who’s around. People with Leo as their sun sign are super genuine and can befriend practically anyone!


As friends, Leos are always around to stick up for their friends when they need it, and they’re the perfect people to turn to if you need a confidence boost. Leos love to be where the action is, and they like to go on adventures with their friends. As a Leo, Mark would get along well with his fellow fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius. These signs like socializing and heading off on adventures just as much as Leo does. He would also get along well with the air sign, Aquarius. Aquarians are free-spirited and go with the flow, so people with this sign would always be down for an adventurous hangout with Leos!

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2. Renjun

Renjun is an Aries. Aries people are known for being kids at heart, and they are easy to get along with. This energetic fire sign loves meeting new people and has an incredibly warm heart.

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Aries’ friends love their honesty and know that they can always turn to Aries for solid advice. Although Aries is bold and appears very confident, people with this sign are often more sensitive than people think. Aries needs kindness and support from their friends, which makes Libra their perfect friendship match. This air sign has a knack for seeing things clearly, so Libras would be able to give Renjun great advice, just like he does for his friends. Renjun would also get along well with his fellow fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, because they all love adventure and are quite spontaneous.

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3. Jeno

Jeno is a Taurus. This earth sign is super laidback and knows how to relax. Tauruses are very witty and they easily make other people laugh.

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Tauruses don’t judge others, so Jeno’s friends would know that they could confide in him about anything. Tauruses also have a knack for lightening the mood, so he would be able to cheer his friends up whenever they needed. Jeno would get along with the water sign Pisces. Like Taurus, Pisces knows that spending a day relaxing at home can be just as exciting as hitting the town, so they would be able to enjoy lazy hangouts together. Jeno would also get along well with his fellow earth signs, Capricorn and Virgo. These earth signs also enjoy simple comforts like cozy blankets and good snacks, so they would be the perfect addition to Taurus’ crew.

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4. Haechan

Haechan is a Gemini. This air sign is energetic, witty, and always doing the unexpected. Geminis can make even the most boring situations fun.

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Geminis are super enthusiastic, and they get along well with signs who love life just as much as they do. Geminis have a great sense of adventure, but they also enjoy having intellectual conversations and discussing their ideas. As a Gemini, Haechan would get along well with other adventurous signs, like Leo and Aquarius. He would also get along well with Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo because these earth signs love chatting about their ideas and engaging in deep conversations, too.

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5. Jaemin

Jaemin is a Leo like Mark. Leos are magnetic, and people are automatically drawn to them. Even if they’re introverted, Leos can easily befriend others and love finding new adventure buddies.

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Leos are brave and bold, and they are natural leaders. Their friends always turn to them for advice and trust them to share their honest opinions. As a Leo, Jaemin would get along well with his fellow fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius, because they share his sense of adventure. He would also get along with free-spirited Aquarius.

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6. Chenle

Chenle is a Sagittarius. However, his birthday is the very first day of Sagittarius season, which makes him a Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp. As a cusp, he embodies the very best of Scorpio and Sagittarius. He’s got Sagittarius’ incredible sense of humor and love of adventure, as well as Scorpio’s sensitivity and fierce independence.

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Both Scorpio and Sagittarius make very loyal and devoted friends, so Chenle would always be there for his friends whenever they need. Although Scorpio is a water sign, this sign is just as adventurous as the fire sign Sagittarius. As a Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp, Chenle would get along with the other water signs, Cancer and Pisces, because they’ll be able to understand his innermost thoughts and feelings. He would also get along well with Aries and Leo because they’ll totally relate to his sense of adventure.

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7. Jisung

Jisung is an Aquarius. This sign is free-spirited, curious, and super creative. Aquarians love finding ways to connect with other people, and they make great listeners.

Aquarians have unique worldviews, and they love sharing their ideas with other people. They’re incredibly kind, and they eagerly welcome other people’s ideas and love to connect on a deeper level. Jisung would get along well with other Gemini and Libra because these fellow air signs would be able to easily understand and keep up with his ideas. Curious water signs Cancer and Scorpio also value creativity and lofty ideas, so he would never run out of things to talk about with these water signs. Aquarians tend to be their friends’ biggest cheerleaders, and they value friends who can be their cheerleaders, too. Jisung would also get along well with Tauruses because they’re always there to encourage their friends and cheer him up.

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