Here’s What We Know About All 7 Siblings Of NCT DREAM’s Members

Two members are the only child in their family!

NCT DREAM has quickly risen to become one of the most successful K-Pop groups of the modern age, and it’s certainly well-deserved! All seven members of the group are immensely talented, and their fans understandably enjoy learning what they can about all of them. Here’s what we know about all seven siblings of the members of NCT DREAM, some of whom are better-known than others!

1. Mark

Mark is one of three members of NCT DREAM that has an older brother in his family! His brother, born in 1996 and three years older than Mark, was reportedly actually the Lee sibling that wanted to audition for SM Entertainment and Mark followed him to the audition. His older brother didn’t pass the audition while Mark, of course, did! Mark says that his brother is now attending college, which is an accomplishment in itself.

2. Renjun

Renjun is one of two members of the group that’s an only child! There have been rumors that he has an older (or multiple older) sisters, but these appear to be false.

3. Jeno

Jeno is the only member of NCT DREAM that has an older sister! Not a lot is known about her, but she was reportedly born in 1997, making her three years older than he is. He’s said that he used to harass her when she was younger, but they seem to have a good relationship now. She even called once when he was on a livestream!

4. Haechan

Haechan has two younger brothers, as well as a sister, making him the only member of the group with more than one sibling! It was once rumored that his sister was his fraternal twin, but he has since denied this, and she’s younger than him. His brothers were born in 2002 and 2007, making them 2 years and 7 years younger than Haechan, but his sister’s birth year is not known. It sounds like the four of them are very close and loving with each other!

5. Jaemin

Jaemin is the second member of NCT DREAM that’s an only child!

6. Chenle

Chenle is the second of three members that has an older brother! He’s 13 years older than Chenle, born in 1988, and it was explained on the show One Night Sleepover Trip that his father had decided he wanted another child later in life, and that’s why Chenle was born! There was a rather hilarious part of the show where the NCT member almost got a little too detailed about the topic!

7. Jisung

And finally, Jisung also has an older brother. Besides this, there really doesn’t appear to be much information known about him, even his age or birth year!