11 Unwhitewashed Fantaken Photos Of NCT’s Haechan That Defy Toxic Beauty Standards 

His true skin tone is gorgeous!

NCT‘s Haechan rewrites a new standard of beauty in the world of K-Pop. In Korean culture and in many parts of the world, idols deal with the toxic beauty standard of possessing fair skin, often leaving those with varying skin tones subject to colorist comments. When a top idol like Haechan confidently declares the beauty of his skin color, it opens up conversations from fans of accepting and praising various skin tones in the harsh industry.

Check out some unwhitewashed, fantaken photos of Haechan that show off his true tan skin — and reveal just how stunning he is!

1. Imagine being this close to Haechan IRL.

This fan is living the dream!

2. Somebody check on this NCTzen.

Did they survive taking this photo?!

3. No whitewashing here.

Just Haechan and his true, beautiful skin color!

4. When Haechan speaks confidently about his tan skin, others can gain confidence in themselves, too.

He’s breaking down barriers in the industry.

5. He looks good…

…and he knows it!

6. We need more diverse skin tones in the industry.

Normalize all kinds of beauty.

7. Haechan once referred to his own skin tone as “Honey-like.”

He hit the nail on the head!

8. How can someone look so handsome just standing?!

The magic of Haechan.

9. He’s totally glowing.

Everyone say thank you, sunlight!

10. Don’t blink or you will miss him switch from hot to adorable.

Presenting: Squishy Haechan!

11. He’s talented, kind-hearted, and handsome.

Basically, he’s the total package. ❤️