Korean Netizens Name Male Celebrities With Beautiful Hands – Only True Fans Will Be Able To Guess Which Hands Belong To Who

Can you guess the owners?

According to Korean netizens, types of hands that females like in males can be split into three categories – delicate and slender, manly with veins and something in the middle. A popular community post has named a few celebrities per category. Are you able to guess which hands belong to who, from the photos alone?

First up, the “somewhere-in-the-middle” category.

1. Long fingers but large hands

| theqoo

The answer is actor Ryu Jun Yeol!

2. Delicate but large

| theqoo   

It’s our favorite actor, Gong Yoo!

3. Manly, with slender beauty

| theqoo

They belong to none other than So Ji Sub. Next, what the netizen calls the epitome of a manly hand – one with lots of veins and a wider palm.

1. All those veins

| theqoo

Surprisingly, this hand belongs to Park Bo Gum.

2. Wow, just wow

These belong to singer Park Hyoshin.

3. Well we’re not really looking at the kitty

| theqoo

This belongs to none other than Kang Daniel.

Lastly, the slender and delicate category.

1. Prettier hands than ours

| theqoo

The lips might have been a dead giveaway but these belong to EXO‘s Baekhyun.

2. A work of art

If you haven’t figured out already, these hands are Kim Jaehwan‘s.

What kind of hands are your favorite? Were you able to guess these correctly? While veiny hands may look attractive, it takes lots of work to get them unless you have them naturally. Check out how actor Lee Do Hyun actually creates hand veins for a closeup scene in his drama.

Source: theqoo