6 New Thriller K-Dramas Releasing In 2023

If you loved “The Glory”…

Sadly, The Glory has come to an end, but there are plenty of new K-Dramas to look forward to this year. Here are 6 upcoming thrillers to add to your list!

1. Murder DIEary

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If you liked Death Note, you might like Murder DIEary, a thriller based on a webtoon of the same name. It all starts when a university student accidentally kills an unruly drunk while working at a convenience store. It turns out his “victim” was a serial killer on the prowl. Suddenly, our hero doesn’t feel too bad about deleting this guy from life. In fact, he decides to put his newfound superpower (sussing out bad people) to good use…

2. National Death Penalty Vote

“National Death Penalty Vote” | Amazon

This K-Drama explores what can happen when criminal punishments are determined by the public. Citizens over the age of 18 can vote via text for whether or not criminals should receive the death penalty. If “yes” wins, an executioner known as Dog Mask will take action.

3. Duty After School

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Thriller meets science fiction in this upcoming K-Drama based on a webtoon by Ikwon Ha. When aliens invade Earth, military might isn’t enough to defend our home planet. Naturally, a dystopian government decides to call in reinforcements by conscripting high school students into an alien-fighting force. The cast includes Shin Hyun SooIm Se MiKim Ki HaeLee YeonMoon Sang MinKwon Eun BinKim Su GyeomKim Min Chul, and Lee Soon Won.

4. Bloodhounds

Woo Do Hwan in “Bloodhounds” | Netflix

If an alien invasion isn’t your cup of tea, try Bloodhounds, an action-thriller starring Woo Do HwanLee Sang Yi, and Park Sung Woong. Like Duty After School, it’s based on a popular webtoon. To pay off their debts, three fearless youths get involved in the dark world of money-lending and go after the rich.

5. All Of Us Are Dead 2

In Season 1, a group of students trapped at their high school fought to survive a zombie outbreak. Season 2, expected to air in late 2023 or early 2024, will likely pick up where the first season left off.

6. Squid Game 2

In Season 1, hundreds of indebted players played death games based on children’s games. Only one survived. Will that player take revenge in Season 2? Will there be new games? Season 2, originally scheduled for 2022, is expected to drop in either 2023 or early 2024.

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Source: Asian Wiki and Netflix