5 Times We Knew NewJeans’ Danielle Would Make The Perfect Disney Princess

She’s set to be the Korean voice of Ariel!

NewJeansDanielle was just announced to be the Korean voice actress of Ariel for the upcoming movie The Little Mermaid.

A short teaser of her singing the iconic soundtrack “Part of Your World” was released on May 2.

In the midst of several voices of criticism online, fans noted instances in the past that hinted on her being a great Disney princess. Check them out below!

1. When she sang in musicals as a child

First of all, Danielle was a part of musicals as a child. She will be stepping into her role as Ariel with prior experience of singing and acting at the same time.

2. When she looked perfect in red hair

Though her face will not be seen in the movie, there is little doubt that she resembles the little mermaid especially when she has her iconic red hair.

| @danifolder/Twitter

3. When she was meant to play Ariel

Ariel is also Danielle’s favorite Disney princess, a fact that she recently shared with fans.

Our favorite Disney princess? I’ll name my top five…actually, top three: Ariel, Rapunzel, and Belle.

— Daniel

4. When her voice was heavenly

Singing princess-like high notes will be a breeze to the K-Pop idol. She can do this casually with a smooth and heavenly voice.

The OST teaser was another hint at her capabilities as a voice actress in a singing role.

5. When her aesthetic fit the movie

Last but not the least, Danielle’s aesthetic in NewJeans—youthful, charming, and sweet—fits the fairytale-like vibe surrounding a Disney princess.

This was especially true when she was filmed swimming in a way reminiscent to Ariel.

The Little Mermaid will be released on May 26.


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