NewJeans’ Makeup Artist Spills Her Secrets To Their “Natural Skin” Foundation Routine

Her goal is for clients to embrace their natural beauty.

Korean beauty YouTuber, Cho Hyo Jin, recently filmed a video with one of NewJeans‘ makeup artists, Lee Nakyeum, to learn how to obtain the “natural beauty enhancing makeup look” that the members often wear.

Beauty YouTuber Hyo Jin | @hyojinc_/Instagram

Lee Nakyeum shared that she has always done a more natural style of makeup on clients, but after NewJeans debuted, she hoped more people would find their natural beauty.

Here are the steps and tricks to NewJeans’ base makeup that gives them a natural and healthy glow!

1. Carefully wash your face and apply facial creams

Lee Nakyeum described this first step as the most important, explaining that it’s best to work on a freshly washed face.

Then, add hyaluronic acid and a facial cream to create a moisturized base for the makeup.

2. Massage your face to help with any puffiness

Gently massage your face to help with any puffiness. Make sure the facial cream and hyaluronic acid are evenly applied and allow it to set before applying makeup.

3. Apply primer

Lee Nakyeum stated the most important goal is for products to look absorbed into the skin to make the overall look more natural. She likes to use an illuminating primer, and opts for a pink primer in the video. She mixes this with facial sun care creams before applying, both SPF and an illuminating primer will give the skin a natural glow.

4. Foundation

Lee Nakyeum opts for a foundation that is just slightly darker than the skintone of her clients, because she will later go in and highlight and lighten the face for a more dimensional look.

She focuses the foundation on the outside of the face, leaving the area between both of the eyebrows down to the lips without foundation to keep the skin there naturally brighter. In that zone, she applies the darker foundation on the sides of the nose bridge where people normally contour, and over the eyelids.

5. Lighter foundation to brighten the face

She then takes a lighter shade of foundation and applies it in the T-Zone.

Because there is naturally more texture in this area of the face, Lee Nakyeum goes in with a makeup sponge to press the product into the skin for a flawless finish.

6. Bright concealer

If you tend to have redness in the T-Zone of your face, Lee Nakyeum suggests a bright concealer under the eyes and under the nose to help eliminate redness and give the face a more 3D appearance.

7. Highlighter

She then uses a cream highlighter to give the T-Zone a shimmery glow and make the skin look more natural.

8. Setting powder

To finish the look, she applies a transluscent setting powder in a color that neutralizes the clients undertones. This is applied with a brush along the outside of the face where the foundation was applied.

Check out the video below to see how their makeup artist applies their eye makeup and a bit of contour to bring the look together!