Korean YouTuber Becomes Real-Life “True Beauty” With Her Total Makeup Transformation

😳 Jugyeong, is that you…?

Korean YouTuber Cho Hyo Jin is the mastermind behind her beauty channel HYOJIN with 1.28M subscribers. And in her latest video, she wowed her viewers with a True Beauty inspired makeup transformation!

Cho Hyo Jin | @hyojinc_/Instagram

True Beauty, a successful webtoon-turned-drama, is about the main character Jugyeong finding her “true beauty” of confidence and self-love — with the help of some makeup. Jugyeong’s extreme before-and-after makeup is a popular choice for beauty YouTubers all over the world. Cho Hyo Jin’s take on Jugyeong’s transformation, however, has gone super viral for its unprecedented synchronization!

Webtoon “True Beauty” character Jugyeong. | Yaongyi/NAVER Webtoon

Raking in 1.1M views in only two days, the “True Beauty Real Makeup” video captures bare-faced Cho Hyo Jin…

… giving herself one brilliant makeover to look exactly like Jugyeong!

Since the webtoon came out years ago, I’ve been hearing that I’m the real life Jugyeong. So I finally decided to try her style of makeup!

— Cho Hyo Jin

The uncanny resemblance continues to shock not only her subscribers, but also True Beauty fans!

While Cho Hyo Jin’s most natural self is equally as gorgeous…

… her ultimate Jugyeong-style glow up is sure to steal everyone’s hearts.

A true beauty, indeed!

| @hyojinc_/Instagram

Watch the full video here:

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