Each Member Of NewJeans Looks Absolutely Flawless In Real Life—Here’s Proof

They’re all visuals!

NewJeans is undoubtedly one of the hottest K-Pop groups at the moment! With their charm, talent, and—of course—visuals, they have earned themselves a solid fanbase already.

The lucky fans who saw them live during fansign events have agreed that the members look flawless in real life.

Check out proof of this below!

1. Minji

First up, oldest member Minji is a rising star for a reason. Netizens have proclaimed her a future candidate of the “Nation’s First Love” title due to her classic features.


She looked even more innocent, sweet, and approachable in person.

Better yet, when she joked around with Hanni, their visual combination was insane!

2. Hanni

Speaking of Hanni, the Vietnamese member was even cuter in real life.


Aegyo wasn’t challenging for her at all. Far from being unnatural, her poses were well loved by the fans who were in the venue.

Her flawless skin, symmetrical features, and charm were doubly apparent off screen.

3. Danielle

Danielle, similarly, had an adorable side that was even more praise-worthy in person.


It was understandable why she’s already viewed as the “sunshine” of the group. Her smile lit up the entire venue and spread among the people present.

Bright and fresh, she was a joy to capture on camera.

4. Hyein

NewJeans’ maknae, Hyein, grew up in the spotlight as a child model and singer. It was thus not surprising that her star power was even more evident when seeing her live.


She’s the type of K-Pop idol who already looks great on camera but is even prettier in person.

There’s no doubt that she’s a top visual in the making!

5. Haerin

Last but certainly not the least, Haerin is often converting non-fans into fans with her cool appearance.


She has a distinctly cat-like appearance due to her downward slanting eyes, giving her a uniquely coy yet youthful aura.

It’s hard to look away from her once she catches someone’s attention.

One thing is certain, everyone in NewJeans is even more beautiful in real life!


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