NMIXX’s Casual Fashion Is All The Rage — Here Are 9 Of Their Best Outfits Yet

Netizens think #2 is a total fashionista!

Only having debuted earlier this year, netizens already think NMIXX is on their way to becoming fashion icons! Check out some of their casual fashion looks below that will help inspire your next outfit.

| @NMIXX_official/Twitter

1. Haewon’s comfy and cool airport look

Haewon chose both style and comfort in an oversized blouse and slacks as NMIXX prepared for a long flight to America.

2. Sullyoon’s twist on high teen style

Sullyoon showed off her sleek silhouette with two key points to her look: Her buttoned crop top and statement purse.

3. Kyujin’s edgy and girly combo

Pairing her edgy platform shoes with cute and chic details like her Chanel accessories, Kyujin pulls of the mix-and-match style.

4. Lily’s pastel vibes

Lily’s pastel yellow and purple look is what everyone’s Y2K fashion dreams are made of.

5. Bae’s cherry blossom peeping outfit

Simple but trendy, her pink Chanel crop top was the focal point of her casual look.

6. Jiwoo’s laidback summer fit

The simple, sporty look is perfect for the dead heat of summer!

7. Jinni’s black and white airport look

Sticking to only black and white for her look, her visuals stand out even more.

8. Haewon’s preppy vibes

Pairing a long, denim skirt with a knit vest and collared shirt, her look is the perfect go-to outfit.

9. Kyujin’s layered look

Adding a long sleeve shirt and a cute beanie, she transforms her spring dress into something a little warmer for those chilly days.

Source: @nmixx_official/Instagram