10 Most Unhinged Things NMIXX’s Lily Has Ever Said

#6 is so out of pocket. 🤣

NMIXX‘s Lily constantly makes fans laugh with her hilarious outspoken livestreams and her relatable Gen Z memes! Check out some of her most unhinged moments below.

1. “Australia doesn’t really have that much culture. We don’t know her.”

Lily is the definition of Gen Z.

2. “Raaah capitalism.”

You never know what she’s going to say next.

3. “I only bought [this ACDC shirt] for aesthetics.”

She admitted to being a poser and we love her for it.

4. “The capital of America. The big guns. Pew pew pew. Oh, God.”

Lily might not have realized what she said until she said it!

5. “I have never hidden a Jew in my basement before.”

During the live, she was referencing a book. However, the clip is very strange when taken out of context!

6. “Not me admitting online that I might murder someone.”

Name another K-Pop idol who would say this — you probably can’t!

7. “I can also be empathetic. Me, an empath.”

We love a meme queen.

8. “I don’t want to get addicted like someone that I know.”

She side-eyed someone off camera immediately.

9. “I’m a picky eater but we’ll see. Maybe one day [I’ll eat bugs].”

How do these topic conversations even start?

10. “The Netflix show. Whoops. The ‘red app’ show.”

She tried to censor herself but it was too late.

Watch the full viral video below.


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