ONCEs Reveal The Most Surprising Facts About TWICE’s Visuals After Seeing Them In Real Life

“She’s a frickin’ goddess…”

As goes for all K-Pop idol fans with their biases, ONCEs live for the moment they get to witness the greatness that is TWICE in real life. Whether it be at a fan meeting or at a tour concert, ONCEs hope for one thing and one thing only: To see the members up close and personal. These lucky ONCEs have experienced the surreal visuals — all to be surprised with their expectations being exceeded by the reality. Check out the most surprising facts about TWICE’s visuals, as revealed by the blessed.

1. Nayeon

ONCEs who have been blessed by Nayeon‘s visual in person have revealed that while her cutesy bunny energy is definitely there, she also exudes icy queen vibes — big time.

2. Jeongyeon

According to ONCEs, Jeongyeon boasts some barbie-like proportions that is bound to blow minds away. She’s taller than we think and she’s more beautiful than we know. She’s a model-in-the-making and it shows, apparently.

3. Momo

Momo has, not to compare or anything but, eyes that are as big and dreamy as Jihyo’s — reportedly. She also has a body that cannot be explained in words. “It is so muscular but lean, toned but slim, feminine but fierce…”

4. Sana

ONCEs confirmed: Sana looks unreal in real life — if that makes sense. Her skin glows with an indescribable shimmer. She also has the sharpest facial features that set her apart. “She’s not a hamster” said ONCEs, “she’s a frickin’ goddess.”

5. Jihyo

According to ONCEs, Jihyo will take anyone’s breath away the second she is spotted in person. Her eyes — which already seem big and animated — are even bigger and more animated in real life. So, in other words, she looks like a Disney princess indeed.

6. Mina

Mina‘s visual is said to be the most glorious to witness in real life. ONCEs all commented, “She has this aura that makes her seem like she is a completely different type of human all by herself.” When ONCEs say “Out of this world” beauty, that would be Mina.

7. Dahyun

ONCEs who have seen Dahyun in real life agree on one thing: She’s translucently pale, to the point that she has her fans wondering if she’s actually a vampire!

8. Chaeyoung

According to ONCEs, pictures and videos don’t do Chaeyoung‘s beauty any justice. She has facial features that are so defined and dimensional that it’s impossible to capture on camera!

9. Tzuyu

Finally, Tzuyu is said to be “Exactly what ONCEs have heard her to be” and more, which is drop dead G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S. While cameras capture her to have round features — like soft face and eye shapes, she is allegedly very sharply defined.

Source: THEQOO