Painter James Jean Posts His BTS Member Collection Online For International Fans

Each painting has a reference to something significant to the members.

US-based artist James Jean has created 7 amazing pieces representing each member of BTS!

Back on May 14, the HYBE INSIGHT Museum opened up to the public. It has many amazing things to explore, such as members’ outfits, interactive displays, egg tarts, albums, and more. There is also an exhibition room that will be changed out every several months or so with new artwork and experiences.

Currently, James Jean’s Seven Phases collection is being housed in that very room. He wanted to represent each member in each painting and compared the members to the “spirit of flowers.” James happens to be born in Taiwan but currently resides in Los Angeles. Still, he often brings his Asian heritage into his work, whether it is the subject matter or his styling.

However, due to COVID-19 and other circumstances, it is difficult for international fans to make their way all the way to South Korea. It could even be difficult for Koreans as you have to reserve a ticket to get in. Fear not! James Jean has decided to post his pieces on his social media for all fans to see! Check them out!

1. RM (Moonchild)

2. Jin (Narcissus)

3. Suga (Meowtide)

4. J-Hope (Solaria)

5. Jimin (Champignon)

6. V (Violane)

7. Jungkook (Cottontail)

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