Artist James Jean Reveals New Exhibition Titled “Seven Phases”, In Collaboration With BTS

It’s reservation only!

Previously, it was reported that HYBE would be opening a museum located on the lower floors of their new building. The museum, HYBE INSIGHT, would be a cultural space that unravels HYBE’s perspective on music in various ways. It is a space to commemorate HYBE’s music, artists, and fans.

It has been newly announced that the artist James Jean, would be one of the first exhibition artists for the new museum. The exhibition, titled Seven Phases, will be the first installation to kick of the grand opening. Guests are able to make reservations for tickets and visitation slots. Such measures are being put in place due to the ongoing pandemic. James Jean himself teased the exhibition via his official Instagram account.

James Jean is a Taiwan-born, Los Angeles-based artist who has over a million fans in following on his social media. He is well-known for his beautiful art that incorporates elements of his Asian heritage.

| @jamesjeanart/Instagram

HYBE INSIGHT plans to embody HYBE’s new mission of “We believe in Music” with a variety of exhibition spaces and contents so that visitors can experience the great impression and power of HYBE’s music. What are you waiting for? Grab your tickets online now!