These Phone Camera Pictures Of BTS Will Show You Just How Stunning They Look In Real Life

If you’re unable to go to their 2021 concert, here’s some comfort.

Ever wondered just how BTS looks like in real life? Although their US tour is coming up soon, for those that are unfortunately unable to see them live, here’s a couple of photos to simulate the feeling!

1. Jungkook

The golden maknae himself looks great from every angle.

Left or ride, he has no “best side”. They’re all amazing!

This is what looking up at greatness feels like.

If only we could be this close.

How is this girl still alive?

2. V

The way he looks at fans! *swoon*

Here’s what he looks like when he’s enjoying himself.

3. Jimin

Just as cute as he is on screen!

His teary eyes are gorgeous.

Smol Jimin staring into the crowd…

He’s feeling it!

4. J-Hope

What a hottie he is in tech wear!

He looks glorious.

J-Hope truly is one of the members that the camera doesn’t do justice to.

5. Suga

He looks softer in real life.

His shoulders might be able to rival Jin‘s.

The confetti makes this look like some drama.

6. Jin

Did someone call for Mr. Worldwide Handsome?

He looks angelic.

We love how he makes an effort to wave to all the fans.

Male God descended to Earth.

7. RM

Last but not least, the leader himself.

His physique is enough to make anyone go crazy.

Oh, lucky people.

His unique swagger pours out on stage.

We’d kill to be one of those lucky few in the crowd at a BTS concert!