35+ Photos Of Sandara Park In The Philippines That Showcase How Crazy Beautiful The Country Is

The last one is perfection.

Few celebrities are as beloved in the Philippines as Sandara Park! The 2NE1 member made her first big break in the local entertainment scene many years ago, growing in fame as a singer, actress, and model. Even though she is now based in Korea, she is still fondly remembered by Filipinos of all ages.

2NE1’s Sandara Park | @daraxxi/Instagram

And it also goes the other way around as she hasn’t forgotten the country and is proud to show it off whenever she’s visiting! In no particular order, here are photos of Sandara in the Philippines that showcase how beautiful the country is.

Between Trees

| @krungy21/Twitter
| @krungy21/Twitter
| @krungy21/Twitter
| @krungy21/Twitter

Swimming In The Pool

Sunglasses Down

Basking In The Sun

Walking In Clark

Posing By The Bushes

Chilling On The Balcony

Visiting The Beach

Checking Out Chocolate Hills

Looking Far Away

Flower On Her Ear

Touring With CL

Photo At Night

Wearing A Swimsuit

Head-To-Toe In Black

Resort Day

Yellow Top And Bag

Enjoying The Water

Making A Heart Pose

Clearly, Sandara Park has seen many of the most beautiful places in the Philippines! Meanwhile, check out 10+ funny reactions to her question about how Filipinos still remember her in the article below.

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