10 Ethereal Photos Taken By The Most “Successful” K-Pop Fansite Ever

No wonder her bias acknowledged her.

There are many K-Pop fans who are so dedicated to their favorite artists, they make it their job to take their photos whenever possible. Though these “fansites” often rack up thousands of followers online, their biggest flex is that some are even recognized by their biases.

This was especially true for Bammad, a fansite master of GOT7‘s BamBam. Not only is he aware of her account, but he also recently gave her special privileges to bypass the common “no photos” policy in venues.

Please absolutely never take away this noona’s camera during concerts.

— BamBam

A quick look at her work will explain right away why the idol was so impressed.

Check them out below!

1. Iconic Photo

First up, this was the picture that amazed BamBam so much that he mentioned her online.

In fact, he loved it so much that he made it his X (Twitter) display picture.

2. Silhouettes

Her silhouette shots are so good, they could be made into movie posters.

3. Black & White

She does not need to shoot in color in order to get vivid results.

4. Portraits

Bammad perfectly captures the fierceness in BamBam’s eyes when performing.

5. Airport

She levels up the usual airport pictures with her high quality results.

6. Wide Shot

Her top view photo of the concert space looks magical.

7. Casual Candids

Some of her best pictures are the most candid ones.

8. Dancing Photos

She makes still shots of someone dancing look easy to take.

9. Crowd Shots

Even when BamBam’s in the middle of a crowd, she makes sure he stands out.

10. Street Pics

Finally, some of Bammad’s photos are so great because BamBam is comfortable in her presence.

It’s understandable why she’s so well loved by her bias!

Source: Twitter


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