GOT7’s BamBam Grants “Special Rights” To This Fansite Master After Seeing Her Masterpiece

Applause for the queen.

It’s no secret that many concerts ban fans from bringing in cameras. While some close an eye to fans taking photos and videos using their handphones, others are stricter and clamp down on all media footage.

In South Korea, fansites often get their professional-level DSLRs taken away. This has caused fansites to get creative with the way they hide their huge cameras. Some strap them to their legs and cover them with long skirts, while others dismantle the parts to hide in their bag. Once they are inside, when caught, they may be forced to leave the arena.

GOT7’s BamBam recently held his solo concert in Seoul. Of course, his fansites had to sneak their cameras in to capture the moment. One such fansite, Bammad, took a gorgeous photo of him under a single spotlight.

| @bammad0502/Twitter

BamBam was so satisfied with the photo that he immediately excused her from the “no camera” rule.

In a reply to her masterpiece, he left the following tweet.

Please absolutely never take away this noona’s camera during concerts.

— BamBam

While she may have gotten BamBam’s personal stamp of approval, she still has external vendors and organizers to fear.

Bam, please tell your company this… I’m too scared to go overseas…

— bammad

As BamBam continues his world tour, it seems like he will need to put in a good word to ABYSS Company for Bammad if he wants her high-quality photos!