Former Pristin’s Kyla Drops Her Surprisingly Affordable 9-Step Skincare Routine And We’re Buying Everything ASAP

If she says you need #8, then you need #8.

Kyla, formerly of Pristin, is actually #skingoals. Luckily, she’s enlightened fans with her go-to skincare products and the majority are surprisingly affordable.

1. TheFaceShop Cleansing Cream

Firstly, a cleansing cream slathers off makeup.

2. TheFaceShop Cleansing Foam

Next, she uses a regular cleanser.

3. Dr.G Crystal Peeling

Every so often, an exfoliant can be used instead.

4. Cosrx AHA/BHA Toner

It’s a mild toner that also slightly exfoliates thanks to the AHA and BHA.

5. Missha Time Revolution Essence

Perfect for locking in moisture.

6. Innisfree Green Tea Lotion

She uses this as a daytime moisturizer.

7. TonyMoly Green Tea Intense Cream

A stronger moisturizer is used at night.

8. Cosrx Sunscreen

She says this mild sunscreen containing aloe made a big difference for her.

9. Optional: Face Masks

She likes the Creme Rose Oil Overnight Mask…

I’m Sorry For My Skin Jelly Mask…

…and Aztec Healing Clay!

Source: Twitter