Here’s Proof K-Pop Fansite Managers Are The Masters Of Photoshop

Photoshop skill level: fansite manager

Sometimes photos of our favorite idols aren’t all they appear to be. It’s not a secret that fansite managers will take some extra steps to ensure that photos of their bias look amazing. From wardrobe changes to major lighting adjustments, here is proof that fansite managers are the true masters of photoshop!


1. Never fear a few unbuttoned buttons…


2. A quick fix is all it needs!


3. Photo that is just a little too dark? No problem!


4. Yeah, this one’s a little unclear too…


5. But now we’re talking!


6. Mic problems?


7. They’ve got you covered!


8. Scarf?


9. Naw, we’d rather see his neck!


10. Extra person? Yeah, that’s fixable.


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