Here Are Some Of The Punishments Sasaeng Fans Can Face Due To Their Behaviors, According To A Lawyer

You might be surprised by how severe some of the punishments can be.

Sasaeng fans are known to do some insane acts, as some even choose to break the law to get close to their favorite celebrities. On an episode of Safety First, they decided to create a parody of some things that sasaeng fans are known to do, then asked a lawyer if these actions were punishable by law.

1. Waiting by the home of an idol

Something that sasaeng fans are known to do is wait by the homes of their favorite idols. A lawyer reveals that this is actually illegal and can even lead to confinement.

If this kind of behavior continues, then it can be considered stalking and can lead to some more severe punishments for the sasaeng fans.

2. Trespassing into the home of an idol

This is one is quite obvious, but the lawyer emphasizes how trespassing can lead to some severe punishments.

3. Scratching an idol

Depending on the damage to the idol, this can be considered assault and can lead to some intense punishments.

4. Kissing an idol

Behavior like this is considered indecent assault and is punishable for up to 10 years!

Here is the full video below!

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