Re-imagining The Cast Of “Titanic” With Korean Celebrities

Which idol group would re-do “My Heart Will Go On” though?

Titanic is arguably one of the greatest movies of all time and is widely considered one of the best romance films of all time. How could the film get any better? (Aside from Rose scooting over to make room for Jack, that is.) The answer is: Add K-Pop idols and celebrities! The hallyu wave makes everything better.

Source: imdb

EXO’s Baekhyun as Jack

The effervescently charming Jack was played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the film, however, we think EXO‘s Baekhyun would be the perfect choice if the film’s cast had been composed of Korean celebrities! Not only has Baekhyun been praised for his acting ability in the past, but this lively, energetic idol is also loved by so many, in the same way as Jack is!

TWICE’s Tzuyu as Rose

Rose is a natural beauty who just exudes an aura of class and wealth. While there are many fabulous, classy, and beautiful Korean actresses and idols, we think TWICE‘s Tzuyu is the perfect choice for the role!

Super Junior’s Siwon as Caledon

Caledon is Rose’s fiance, and honestly, kind of a jerk. While Super Junior‘s Siwon is a charitable sweetheart, considering that he was born into a wealthy family, we get the feeling he’d know exactly how to play the role of a first-class passenger.

EXO’s Sehun as Fabrizio

Fabrizio is Jack’s best friend, a real trust-worthy and stand-up guy. Considering the kind of things Baekhyun has revealed about Sehun in the past, they’re definitely close enough to play the role of best friends!

Sayuri Fujita as Rose’s mom, Ruth

Sayuri Fujita is a Japanese media personality who is famous in Korea. Unlike Ruth, Sayuri is cheerful and has a fun personality. We chose Sayuri to portray Ruth because she tends to say what is on her mind, regardless of what exactly she’s saying!

What do you think of our re-cast Titanic? Although, we didn’t do the whole cast, we tried to cover the main characters. Would you have cast differently? Who would you have used? Are there other characters you would have included that we didn’t?