15+ Hilarious Fan Reactions To BTS V’s Shirtless Selfie

ARMY’s meltdown lasted a lot longer than V’s selfie did.

March 20, 2020, will go down in ARMY history as the day BTS‘s V posted this shirtless selfie on Weverse.

The photo was only up for 30 seconds before V deleted it. Here are 15+ of stan Twitter’s best reactions to it so far.

1. There are two kinds of people

2. Now that we’ve had the appetizer, where’s the full meal?

3. Samsung didn’t see this coming

4. When you’re late to the party

5. Time to redecorate!

6. The King of Chaos

7. No words, only “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!”

8. The best wakeup call ever

9. A health hazard

10. It only took 30 seconds to ruin the next 24 hours

11. Cue the sexy music:

12. This guide to going feral

13. Don’t trust cute boys

14. Caught in a HUGE lie

15. From Pingu to thirst traps

16. I’m calling my lawyer!