BTS’s V Uploaded A Shirtless Pic And Deleted It Almost Immediately

It was quick but so dang sexy!

BTS‘s V was talking with fans on Weverse again when one fan asked for a selfie to see how he’s been doing. V left a message, “One moment…” and disappeared from Weverse for a few minutes.

But then he came back with THIS!

V uploaded a blurry shirtless pic of himself while lounging about at his house! He revealed that he was only going to keep it up for “30 seconds..😏”

And true to his words, it was gone! But ARMYs were quick to download the image ASAP! His shirtless pic is all over the web with the best reactions even though it was only uploaded for 30 seconds.

V has been working out recently as many of his fans pointed out his newly defined muscles. He has yet to reveal a full shirtless pic of himself but his fans die a little more each time they catch a glimpse of V’s bulked up physique!

Big thanks to V for blessing ARMYs during their self-quarantine with his god-like visuals!

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