7 Reasons Why KARA’s “When I Move” Comeback Is Receiving Hot Responses From Both Fans And Non-Fans Alike

#5 is only noticeable now.

Veteran K-Pop group KARA is back, and they’re better than ever! The five women recently made their long-awaited comeback with the title track “When I Move,” and it’s being well-received by fans and non-fans alike.

With that in mind, here are 7 reasons why the girl group’s comeback is a certified hit.

1. The song is good.

“When I Move” has the signature KARA sound that the public has grown to know and love. It may have been released years after their last comeback, but it is just as catchy and fun as all their other songs.

2. The lineup of their hit songs will draw you in even now.

Speaking of hit songs, KARA has many of them! From “Lupin” to “STEP,” the girl group has released countless smashes that are still easy to listen to today. They just never go out of style.

3. They’ve always had good public recognition.

Their songs may be fantastic, but another reason for their success is the members themselves. With their star factor, they have grown to become well-known to the general public.

4. Their enchanting visuals look the same as before.

Then and now, KARA’s visuals are top-tier. No matter where you look, each member is undeniably beautiful!


5. The new member, Youngji, has great chemistry with the group.

Maknae Youngji was added to the group after winning the TV show Kara Project in 2014. But because Jiyoung and Nicole had already left the group, fans were never able to see their interactions together. This comeback made it possible to see just how great her chemistry with them is.

6. YouTube videos came out at the perfect time.

Thanks to the YouTube algorithm, watching one KARA video will likely lead you to another…then another…then another. Before you know it, you’ve gone down the KARA rabbit hole and have fallen for their fun and unique personalities!

7. All of the above.

Finally, all the aforementioned reasons may be why their “When I Move” comeback is doing so well. Not only is the song charting high on Melon, the group continues to be a hot topic online. KARA is legendary for a reason!

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Source: theqoo