KARA’s Seungyeon Landed Herself In The Hospital After Drinking With A Bandmate

She shared the story while drinking with other KARA members!

KARA members Gyuri, Seungyeon, and Youngji recently sat down for a YouTube video where they recalled their experiences of being drinking novices as new idols.

Gyuri | @gyuri_88/Instagram
Youngji | @young_g_hur/Instagram
Seungyeon | @thesy88/Instagram

Remembering her rookie days, Gyuri said at that time she didn’t drink at all. When Seungyeon teased her about the drastic change in her drinking habits now, Gyuri responded, “Hey, try living in this industry without drinking!”

Seungyeon then talked about her own drinking habits, explaining that she doesn’t drink well during meals because she’d rather enjoy her food. She then recalled an incident where drinking with a band bandmate sent her to the Emergency Room.

Seungyeon confessed, There was a time I went to the emergency room after drinking with Nicole. She explained that she drank “foolishly,” which landed her in the ER, while Nicole slept well at her place and even went home fine. “After sending her off, things got chaotic at home,” she added.

The three KARA members shared more crazy stories from their past and showcased their chaotic chemistry in the video. You can watch it right here:


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