10+ Times Actor Song Joong Ki Proved That He Will Be The Best Dad Ever

There are numerous reasons why he’s going to be an amazing father!

On January 30 (KST), actor Song Joong Ki announced his marriage to British girlfriend Katy Louise Saunders along with the news that the two were expecting a child together.

Song Joong Ki | @hi_songjoongki/Instagram

Naturally, fans shared their reactions on social media. He has played a father before, so we’re excited to see him finally be a dad in real life too.

Throughout the years, Song Joong Ki has shown that he has the potential to be a great father with his numerous interactions with kids. So, here are 10+ times he proved that he will be the best dad ever…

1. When he showed such care and concern for his Reborn Rich child co-star

I can finally share this
#ActorSongJoongKi is the nicest
As soon as he got to the set, he noticed Su Ho there and he got worried about a kid being there so late at night. In between shoots, he played ball with Su Ho, too. And he kept talking to Su Ho about this and that. (I think he really likes kids.)
Guess what, Su Ho, your older sister and mommy were SO JEALOUS of you!
Even when snapping a pic together, he copied Su Ho’s pose. What a great actor Song Joong Ki really is!
We’d love to see him again!

— @mj5648/Instagram

2. When he played basketball with the child actor from Space Sweepers

3. When he was so sweet with the child actors for an ad, they came to know him as “uncle…”

SD Biosensor Ad

Song Joong Ki x So Yul x CJ

This ad shoot took place on November 9.
We heard we’d be on set with actor Song Joong Ki only days before the shoot. We couldn’t wait, we were sleepless! This is the second time taking part in the ‘SD Biosensor’ ad. And this time, we got to see Song Joong Ki up close!!! We were like, ‘IS THIS REAL OR ARE WE DREAMING?!’ We were there for hours… but I was busy staring at Song Joong Ki.

He’s literally perfect, like a mannequin! And he has great manners, too.

He is so, so, so good-looking!!! And he has a great voice. And when I couldn’t take my eyes off him, the reps on set told me that I could stand on something (stairs) to see him better. They even offered to watch CJ for a while, hahaha! So grateful for the reps helping me out like that. ^_^ Anyway, once I came home from this shoot, I had to watch ‘Vincenzo’ all over again. The whole thing made such a lasting impression. Haha.

When he met CJ for the same time, he embraced CJ’s cheeks… CJ was so confused. For the cut when they’re all on their backs, he even let CJ use his arm as a pillow. And he gave CJ a big hug…

On the way home, though, CJ was like, ‘How come Uncle Joong Ki squeezes me so hard when he hugs me?!’ Oh, child. You have no idea how lucky you are!!! I WISH I WAS CJ!!!
Song Joong Ki’s manager also adored CJ, too. I was grateful all day. ^_^

Why did you cover your smile, CJ?!
Where did your dimple go?
Not sure when this happened…

Anyway, we’re waiting for the other stills to be released.
So Yul is such a pretty cutie.
Whenever Uncle Joong Ki is on television, CJ says he misses Uncle. ME TOO, SON!!!

After the shoot, I went up to Song Joong Ki and asked if he could snap a photo with the kids… (I have no idea where I got the guts to do that, now that I think about it.) I was in such close proximity… and he looked even better up close!
Song Joong Ki was really cool about it. He said, ‘Ah, yes! Of course.’ And he personally looked for a good spot to take a picture… And I told him that we could use the set space since the entrance area is a bit dark. Haha. I can’t believe I had a whole conversation with him.

I saw that they were making some sort of a behind-the-scenes video, too. I can’t wait to watch that. I was so happy about the three hours of the shoot we had!!!

— @no.1__handsome__cj/Instagram

4. His kindness toward young extras

Song Joong Ki reassured young extras on the set of Reborn Rich, kneeling, talking to them about the scene, etc. He also continuously ensured that the young boy was okay after he got knocked down.

5. When he posed with Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi’s daughter

The photo was originally shared in 2016.

6. When child actress Heo Jung Eun didn’t hesitate to choose Song Joong Ki over Park Bo Gum and Oh Ji Ho

7. When his Battleship Island co-star Kim Su An revealed she was a fangirl of his

8. When he proved to be the best uncle on the set of Vincenzo

His nephew visited the set.

9. The way his nephews are always supporting him

10. Song Joong Ki being equally supportive of his nephews in all they do

11. When his nephew wished that “Uncle Vincenzo” would give him gold

12. One of Joong Ki’s nephews is named after his Descendants of the Sun character, proving his family truly adores him.

13. When Song Joong Ki said that family, especially his nephews and nieces, were his motivation in an interview.

14. Joong Ki always playing with his nephews

15. When he covered Heo Jung Eun’s eyes during a kiss scene

16. Joong Ki with his fictional daughter for SD Biosensor

17. His interaction with Park Si Yeon’s niece

18. When Joong Ki posted a photo with this cutie…

19. The way he loves playing with babies

20. When he visited a Children’s hospital for Domino’s Pizza Charity Event

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Song Joong Ki’s Previous Interactions With Children Resurface Following News That His Girlfriend Katy Louise Saunders Is Pregnant

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