Here’s A Look At The Full Line Distributions Of 9 Of Red Velvet’s Albums, And How (Un)Fair They Are

The member with the most lines has almost three times as many as the member with the least.

We’ve taken a look before at the line distributions for all of Red Velvet‘s main singles, which gave a pretty good indication of just how uneven their lines were in their most popular songs. This list goes more in depth, by finding the line distributions of 9 of their albums, which covers a much larger portion of their discography. Each of the graphs below shows the lines that each member has in the respective album, and the final graph shows the total lines each member has over all of them. How fair do you think their lines are distributed?

1. Ice Cream Cake

2. The Velvet

3. Rookie

4. The Red Summer

5. Perfect Velvet

6. Summer Magic

7. The ReVe Festival: Day 1

8. The ReVe Festival: Day 2

9. The ReVe Festival: Finale


Most lines: Wendy (30.7%)

2nd: Seulgi (25.3%)

3rd: Joy (20.2%)

4th: Irene (12.7%)

5th: Yeri (11.1%)

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