Here Are The Top 15 GIFs Of All Time That Prove Red Velvet’s Irene Is The Visual Of Our Generation

#9 is *chef’s kiss*

When discussing Red Velvet Irene‘s unreal visuals, these legendary moments simply cannot be left out. Check out the 15 GIFs that have circulated the internet and garnered tons of praise from netizens throughout the years.

15. Every anime character called.

They want their stunning and fantastical visuals back.

14. Her silly expressions alone are the cutest.

She’s the most precious blend of goofy, adorable, and gorgeous.

13. CEO-rene has arrived.

Between her seductive smile and classy blazer, she’s ready to take over any business.

12. This rare GIF of blonde Irene makes fans weak in the knees.

Once you realize she’s saying “I miss you,” it gets even more heart-wrenchingly adorable.

11. Now, THIS is a power move.

Well, she’s just standing…but it’s still powerful.

10. She is the queen of side profiles.

From her tall nose to her doll-like pout, she’s a work of art.

9. This GIF went viral on all platforms.

Seriously, how are her eyes so big and alluring?

8. There’s always time for a girlfriend material GIF.

It’s as beautiful as it is painful.

7. Have you ever seen a female idol so handsome?

Try not to fall for her dual charms.

6. Beware: Ending fairy Irene might distract you from breathing.

Her gaze is enough to make you swerve into her bias lane.

5. She’s the definition of dainty, feminine beauty.

Fans can watch her twirl all day!

4. This GIF made her known for her gorgeous eyelashes.

The only word to describe her is “fairy-like.”

3. The way she looks at fans is absolutely endearing.

(Not sure if this fan’s heart is okay after this experience.)

2. Pajama-rene seriously puts everyone else to shame.

Who looks this incredible in pajamas?!

1. This moment during her “Havana” performance is a blessing.

It’s the kiss heard ’round the world!


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