10+ Of Red Velvet Joy’s Most Stunning Event Looks

Seriously, outfit #5 is HOT.

Red Velvet‘s Joy is considered one of the top visuals of third-generation K-Pop idols by Netizens. Her beauty is undeniable when she shows up to events in full glam. Here are 10+ of her most iconic looks.

1. Netizens couldn’t stop talking about Joy’s beauty in this blue dress.

2. In pale pink, she’s sweet yet sexy.

3. Her innocent and ethereal beauty is fairy-like.

4. Joy can rock an edgy look, too!

5. A classic “LBD” is no problem for her.

6. She’s chic and polished in this all-black fit.

7. Total fashion inspo right here.

8. She’s a natural glowing beauty!

9. Head-to-(almost)-toe in red is hella sassy.

10. Now, THIS outfit is a power move.

11. A sweetheart neckline for a total sweetheart.

12. She can slay any black-and-white look.

Red Velvet