8 Times Red Velvet’s Seulgi Proved The Struggle Of Poor Eyesight Is Real

Someone, please help her in #2. πŸ˜‚

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi is vocal about her poor eyesight. Those who also have astigmatism can totally relate to her struggles with constant squinting, not recognizing her own photos, and more. Check out these 8 moments where she showed just how much the struggle is real!

1. When she couldn’t even recognize herself in a photo

She didn’t realize until the photo was enlarged that it was actually herself!

2. When she couldn’t get any closer to what she’s reading

She’s just trying her best.

3. Her constant squinting face

On the plus side, it’s absolutely adorable.

4. When the younger members have better eyesight than her

However, she refuses to reveal her own prescription!

5. Struggling in everyday life

Seeing the scoreboard at Idol Star Athletic Championship proved to be a difficult task.

6. Warning her fans about her eyesight

She doesn’t need to tell fans twice to stay close to her!

Right in front of her will do!

7. Finding the camera

Someone protect her at all costs, please.

8. The one time her eyesight functioned properly

Seulgi couldn’t help but notice Wendy’s sexy choice of clothing!

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