From The Good To The Bad: 10+ Most Relatable International Fan Reactions To IVE’s Pre-Release Song “Kitsch”

Everyone can agree with #6.

Starship Entertainment girl group IVE recently unveiled their pre-release track, “Kitsch,” from their first full-length album, I’ve IVE. It has a strong beat and addictive hook, not to mention the members look beautiful and captivating!

IVE | Starship Entertainment

Although there was some dissatisfaction, the song quickly captured the hearts of many listeners, ranking first in numerous streaming platforms. In no particular order, here’s what international fans thought about “Kitsch.”

1. Wonyoung’s Vocal Style

2. Liz’s 6-Second Line

3. Yujin’s Protective Stance

4. Leeseo’s Unique Outfit

5. Gaeul’s Singing To Rapping Part

6. Rei’s Pretty Pink Hair

7. “Annyeongz” In One Frame

8. Wonyoung’s Distracting Beauty

9. Yujin’s Stan Attractor Power

10. Rei Being The Moment

11. Gaeul Devouring

12. Leeseo Sitting In A Shopping Cart

13. Liz’s One And Only Line

In related news, see what more fans think about Liz’s 6-second line in “Kitsch” in the article below.

Line Distribution In New Single “Kitsch” Causes Upset Among IVE Fans


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