IVE Just Released “KITSCH” But Here’s What Korean Netizens Really Think

“It’s just a B-side…”

IVE just dropped their banger pre-release, “KITSCH.” A song that totally elevates your confidence and boosts your coolness factor, and international audiences lapped it up. In a mere 18 hours of release, it has already garnered over 7,500,000 views, not counting any YouTube view freeze.

In Korean online communities, many posts have been written about the song. With a good few making it to top-ranked posts, here’s what the Korean audience really thinks about it.

| Nate Pann
  • “The intro is f*cking good… The chorus sounds like a pop song but the intro is better.”
  • “It’s a B-side so we don’t need to give a lengthy review but did they try to aim for the foreign market? The chorus feels a little bit like what’s trending overseas. Anyway, Jang Wonyoung’s voice in the intro is f*cking good. Maybe cuz I’m a fan of another idol, but this is the first time I’m hearing it.”
  • “The chorus is a little basic, but it’s a pre-release so… Anyway other than the chorus, it’s f*cking good, surprisingly.”
  • “For a pre-release B-side, it’s pretty good. Other than the chorus, it’s really good, but the chorus sounds common… Anyway for a B-side, it’s good for a casual listen. The MV is pretty too.”
  • “It’s not bad as a B-side. Before the chorus, it’s ok, but the chorus was so-so for me. Anyway, they’ve always been good at choosing songs, so I’m anticipating the title track.”
| Nate Pann
  • “Wonyoung’s low tone is crazy.”
  • “Am I only the one who likes how the chorus changes up? It’s f*cking good.”
  • “It’s just a B-side guys… This standard is good…”
  • “Maybe cuz there’s no high notes or climax? But it’s a B-side so it’s mostly going to be easy-listening and not a f*cking high-quality track like BLACKPINK… For a B-side, I think this is good.”
  • “The part where it goes ‘It’s our own free Nineteen’s Kitsch’ just flows off your tongue. I love it.”
| Nate Pann
  • “It’s just a B-side so it’s going to be difficult to be over a top tier song, unlike title tracks. Anyway, the title will be out in April and today is just a pre-release so this is good quality from a mid-tier agency anyway.”
  • “Did they have to put in a rap? Anyway IVE picks f*cking good songs so I think it’s better to just fill it up with vocals. All of their releases have been hits so there are no regrets but I think it would be better to push the girls’ vocal colors and fill up the song instead of put in a rap.”
  • “The rap lyrics leave something to be desired… But it’s a good song overall.”

What did you think?

Source: Nate Pann, Nate Pann and Nate Pann