10 Outfits That Would Look Ridiculous On Anyone But An Idol

Whether it’s on stage or on the streets, an idol’s beauty and confidence make them look great in even the most outrageous outfits. 

1. This red skort

Technically, this is only half a skort. From the front it looks like a regular mini-skirt, but from the side…

…not so much. It’s as if the stylist ran out of fabric while sewing the outfit and just left it that way. No big deal, though. Red Velvet looks fantastic in anything. They can even pull off a mini fanny pack!


2. This mix-and-match outfit

J-Hope‘s Love Yourself: Answer concept clothes look amazing on him, but the average person would definitely struggle to pull off this outfit. Since this look is a jumbled mix of just about everything, your friends and family might ask you if these clothes were all you had left after throwing everything else in the wash.


3. This old man aesthetic

SHINee‘s Key has always been ahead of the fashion game, but his style isn’t for everyone.

On Key, this plaid blazer and vintage glasses combo looks retro-chic, but anyone else might be accused of raiding their grandfather’s closet.


4. This street-smart get-up

Korean media outlets once named WINNER‘s Seunghoon as the most fashionable male idol, due to his chic street fashion. Seunghoon loves layering plaids, but if anyone else wore this outfit they might be mistaken for being…



5.  This pink accessory

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is a goddess. Mere mortals won’t question her (or her stylists’) fashion choices no matter how outlandish they are, because Jisoo always looks stunning.

Anyone else, however, should be prepared to answer the question, “why are you wearing a leg brace?”.


6. This black ensemble

Youngjae looks mysterious in this head-to-toe black outfit, but anyone else might want to avoid wearing the same thing to the airport. If you or I tried to catch a flight while dressed as an anime supervillain, someone might call security.


7. These confused pants

TWICE Tzuyu‘s bell bottoms can’t seem to decide if they wanted to be pants or a skirt, so they settled for something in between. These bottoms emphasize Tzuyu’s long legs and draw attention to her high heels.

These pants aren’t the most difficult item on this list for the average person to wear, but unless you’re as long-legged and coordinated as Tzuyu is, you may end up tripping over these floppy hems.


8. This severed shirt

Male crop tops may be all the rage, but this one is pushing it. SHINee‘s Taemin looks like a supermodel in just about anything, but even he struggled to make this outfit work. Rule of thumb: if Taemin can’t pull it off, no one can.


9. This redundant outfit

(G)I-DLE Soojin‘s rainbow knit top is bright enough to get anyone’s attention, yet the stylists decided to take it a step further by pairing it with a skirt that has the names of the colours (blue, yellow, turquoise) written along the hem. Unless you are a primary school teacher giving a lesson on colours, this outfit might be overkill!


10. Anything G-Dragon has ever worn

BIGBANG‘s leader is also leading K-Pop’s fashion scene. G-Dragon has never shied away from wearing the most outrageous outfits he can get his hands on.

It takes a great deal of confidence and swagger to go out in public dressed like this…

…so if you’re planning to dress like G-Dragon, be prepared for stares!