Samsung Unveils New HD Photos Of BTS, And They Totally Radiate Boyfriend Vibes

They’re so swoon-worthy!

BTS‘s ambassadorship with Samsung is the gift that keeps on giving!

From left: BTS’s Suga, Jimin, RM, Jungkook, J-Hope, V, and Jin. | Samsung Mobile

With the hottest band as its Global Ambassadors, Samsung consistently releases commercials or photoshoots featuring the members. They recently teamed up for promotions for Galaxy S22 and an environmental campaign, Galaxy for the Planet.

Now, Samsung has released behind-the-scenes photos from their shoots with BTS, including the Galaxy S22 Ultra Smartphone photoshoot.

Each member totally radiates boyfriend vibes! Check it out below.

1. RM

Another look behind the scenes! Guess what #RM captured with #GalaxyS22 Ultra. 

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

RM | Samsung Mobile

2. Jin

#Jin is focused and in the flow #withGalaxy! We can’t take our eyes off him!

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

Jin | Samsung Mobile

3. Suga

Is #SUGA making something special on his #GalaxyS22 Ultra too?

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

Suga | Samsung Mobile

4. J-Hope

Name a better duo than #jhope and #GalaxyS22. Style overload!

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

J-Hope | Samsung Mobile

5. Jimin

Let your shine through in every photo #withGalaxy like #Jimin!

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

Jimin | Samsung Mobile

6. V

Let’s recycle our old phones for the planet. We and #V know how valuable it is.

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

V | Samsung Mobile

7. Jungkook

#Jungkook is ready for his closeup and we are ready to capture him #withGalaxy!

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

Jungkook | Samsung Mobile

Recently, Samsung released even more behind-the-scenes photos of BTS. Check it out below:

Samsung Releases New HD Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of BTS

Source: @SamsungMobile