Sana Is The Only Extrovert In TWICE, And These Are 5+ Times She Proved It

OG ONCE will remember #3!

Although all the TWICE members are hilarious and have their chaotic moments, the 9-member group only has 1 extrovert: Sana!

TWICE’s Sana | @twicetagram/Instagram

According to TWICE’s MBTI results, all the 8 other members are introverted and Sana is an extroverted ENFP. ENFPs are charming, independent, energetic, and free-spirited, and this description totally fits Sana.

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Here are 5+ times it was extremely obvious that Sana is the only extrovert in TWICE!

1. The time she gave herself a mission on tour

During TWICE’s III tour in the US, Sana made it her mission to wave at a local and have them wave back. Only an extrovert like Sana would make it their mission to befriend a stranger immediately after landing in a foreign country!

2. When she was truly chaotic during a fanmeet

When all the other members were standing still on stage, Sana couldn’t stop dancing around! Many extroverts have boundless energy, and Sana is no different.

3. When she confidently approached strangers on the street

During TWICE’s Private Life, Sana had to reenact a scene from the K-Drama Reply 1988 with a stranger. Although she was a little embarrassed to imitate the K-Drama with random people on the street, she approached everyone with confidence and wowed the other members with her boldness!

4. When Jihyo struggled not to laugh while she was around

Sana is naturally funny, and she makes the other members laugh even when she’s not trying to! During her tour vlog, Jihyo revealed that she was given a mission to film a mukbang with Sana without laughing. Jihyo had a hard time holding her laughter in thanks to Sana’s vivacious and bubbly personality!

5. When she tried to get the staff to follow her lead

During a live stream, Sana attempted to get the staff, Momo, and Mina to follow her in a chant starting with “say hello.” At first, they didn’t participate, but Sana didn’t give up until they did. Her extroverted charms are hard to resist!

6. Every time she was the group’s mood maker

During their SaChaeng date, Chaeyoung told Sana that she was thankful that Sana was an extrovert. She told Sana how grateful she was that she made the members laugh and always brightened their moods.

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