5 Times Idols Were Savage Playing The “Of Course” Game

Could you say “of course” to any of these?

The dangyeon-haji (of course) game is one which players have to agree to everything their opponent says, or lose the game. This often results in hilarious moments as players get increasingly bold with their attacks each round. As a game commonly played on most variety shows, it has been around almost forever. Here are 5 of the funniest moments idols have had while playing the game.

1. The OG dangyeon-haji

Back when X-Man was the hit variety show, in the early 2000s, Changmin of TVXQ and Jaejoong of JYJ appeared on set for a rousing round of the game.

However, despite the original purpose of the game, their sweet personalities won out and they ended up apologizing to each other instead of calling out “of course”!

2. Jackson’s Swift Win VS Nayeon’s Questionable Loss

Perhaps one of the first instances the modern global Kpop audience was really exposed to the game was when Jackson of GOT7 and Nayeon of Twice went up against huge seniors in the industry such as Kim Jongmin.

Jackson took his opponent out easily with one blow – “You’re an idiot, right?” to which veteran singer and variety star, Kim Jongmin failed to agree with.

On the other hand, while Kim Jongmin technically won over Nayeon as she replied with a no when he asked “You’d go out with me, right?” her rejection made him feel like he had lost instead.

3. Seolhyun VS Yesung

In an episode of Super TV where AOA came on as guest stars, Yesung from Super Junior was pitted against AOA’s ace, Seolhyun. The girls from AOA previously warned the Super Junior members that they’d not be able to win over Seolhyun and boy, were they right!

Seolhyun took Yesung out quickly with a combo move of “Your hair is so-so, you know that right?” causing the entire room to erupt in laughter at Yesung’s reaction.

4. Maknae on Top with BTS

Old but gold, back in BTS’s rookie days on their debut reality show, Rookie King, the maknae Jungkook was pitted against his oldest hyung, Jin. Mr Worldwide Handsome lost the game as he could not agree to Jungkook’s joke that the boys had only called him handsome for broadcasting purposes!

5. Sibling Squabble with AKMU

Perhaps the most savage out of the batch given their relationship as brother and sister, AKMU brings a whole new level to the game. Younger sister Suhyun starts off strong with “You’re really ugly without glasses, you know that right?” to her brother.

Chanhyuk counters with a hit at her dating life, saying that she has many guy friends but not a boyfriend.

Eventually Suhyun loses when Chanhyuk brings up her drama crush, as he says “Recently you wake up in the morning to watch dramas – it’s to see that person right?”

Who did you think played the funniest dangyeon-haji game?