Here Are 12 Times SEVENTEEN Showed How Flawlessly In Sync Their Performances Are

Kings only.

If there is one reason to stan SEVENTEEN, it’s for their flawlessly synchronized performances. Check out these 12 moments of dance perfection that will make your jaw hit the floor!

1. All 13 members line up perfectly.

They all have different heights but somehow look identical when dancing.

2. If you see a fancam of one member, you’ve basically watched all of them.

Their performances are so identical, they can be interchanged like so.

3. This GIF is legendary when it comes to SEVENTEEN’s capabilities.

You can’t watch it just once.

4. Every angle can be measured with a protractor — They’re identical.

Their knife-like choreography is next level.

5. Are they one unit or 13 separate people acting as one?

You decide for yourself.

6. You can’t even see the members behind Woozi.

These skills take years worth of dedication.

7. Jumps are difficult to make look identical but not for SEVENTEEN.

The height, timing, and the kick are all flawlessly synchronized.

8. This GIF will have you wondering how this is even possible.

This is legend behavior.

9. It’s so satisfying to watch.

Watching their performances are not just watching choreography, it’s more like a story.

10. They’re like an army of soldiers.

Absolutely everyone is on beat at all times.

11. The synergy amongst them is unreal.

If you thought it was difficult for a 5+ member group to synchronize, imagine a 13 member group.

12. This can only be executed with flawless timing.

Creating a domino effect is nowhere near as easy as it looks, but SEVENTEEN mastered it.


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