10+ Chaotic Moments From SEVENTEEN Concerts That Will Make You Want To Go To One ASAP

Try not to laugh at #5.

If you have never been to a SEVENTEEN concert, you may not know about the madness that ensues every time they hit the stage. Just to convince you that it should be on your bucket list, here are 10+ moments that will give some insight into how chaotic, hilarious, and incredible their shows can be.

1. Who’s up for some bowling with 13 adorable boys — literally?

2. DK yeeted members out of his way just so he can sit in front of this fan’s camera and do this.

3. This is when they pretend to leave and run back towards the stage, and the fans who were about to leave run back to their seats.

4. “I believe I can fly…”

5. Watch until the end and try not to LOL.

6. You can decide exactly what’s going on here.

7. They’re one big, happy family!

8. These guys are the kings of facial expressions.


9. Strike a pose!

10. Vernon is bringing sexy back, but Seungkwan is having none of it.

11. “Catch!”

12. They’re just like a litter of puppies when you think about it.

13. No context somehow makes these pictures better.

14. Anytime they’re on stage, you can expect something crazy to happen.

Source: Nate Pann