All The SEVENTEEN Members Who Have Real Tattoos

Some members are more private about their tattoos than others.

The SEVENTEEN members often wear fake tattoos for their performances, causing fans to wonder if they’re real. While those are only for aesthetics, here are the five members who actually have real tattoos.

1. The8

The8 is the newest member to reveal that he has a tattoo. He confirmed it during a video call with a fan and announced it was somewhere others wouldn’t see it.

It’s below…at the side of my thigh. But it can’t be seen, so don’t think too much [about it].

— The8

Because it couldn’t be easily seen, The8 didn’t reveal what the design was, appearing to keep it private.


2. S.Coups

Leader S.Coups appears to be the member with the most tattoos. Through Instagram, he teased one on the side of his back that refers to the group’s seventh mini-album Heng:garæ and their debut date. S.Coups told fans it says “Journey of Youth 2015.05.26~.”

S.Coups | @sound_of_coups/Instagram

Through a video call with a fan, S.Coups revealed that he has two more tattoos. He has an olive tree on his back, which fans have caught a look at, and their fandom name.

The name of our album, an olive tree, and CARAT.

— S.Coups

| @coupranghanihae/Twitter

3. Vernon

Eagle-eyed fans spotted Vernon with a tiny star on the back of his right ear. The rapper confirmed it was real and shared a few details about it.


During a fan signing event, Vernon revealed he got it before their BE THE SUN world tour and confirmed he didn’t have any other tattoos.

4. Wonwoo

While fans weren’t sure whether or not to believe a fan’s account of seeing Wonwoo enter a tattoo shop in 2019, it appeared to be true. Throughout the years, fans have noticed that Pledis Entertainment has repeatedly censored the side of Wonwoo’s torso where the tattoo seems to be. However, Wonwoo drew a line about the topic being completely off-limits.

During one of SEVENTEEN’s Japanese fan signing events, Wonwoo refused to discuss the tattoo.

5. Joshua

While Pledis Entertainment has been careful in censoring Wonwoo’s tattoo, Joshua’s situation caught them off guard due to eagle-eyed fans. When the company posted a teaser photo of Joshua for their Face the Sun full-length album, Carats spotted the outline of a tattoo on the left side of his torso.

Joshua’s original teaser photo.

After fans pointed out Joshua’s tattoo, the company re-uploaded a new version of the photo with it completely edited out. Fans have also spotted parts of the tattoo during performances. But like Wonwoo, the topic also appears to be off-limits.

Joshua’s re-uploaded teaser photo.

Although the video call no longer appears to be online, a fan allegedly spoke with Joshua and asked him about the tattoo. They received backlash for asking about the personal matter and reminded fans why it was important to respect idols’ boundaries.

While some people see tattoos as art to be displayed, others view tattoos as personal. Whatever the reason, the SEVENTEEN members have the right to keep them private or discuss them publicly.