9 Little-Known SHINee Facts That Will Surprise Almost Anyone (Including Fans)

#6 is just incredible!

Whether you think you know everything there is to know about SHINee, or you’re a “BabyWol” whose making your first foray into the Shawol fandom, these fascinating and unexpected facts about the group are sure to blow your mind.

1. They started the dance practice trend

These days, dance practices are some of the most popular videos on the K-Pop side of YouTube. BLACKPINK‘s “DDU-DU-DDU-DU” dance practice, for example, is nearing 400 million views on YouTube. However, dance practices didn’t always exist.

While SHINee may not have the first artist to ever record a behind-the-scenes dance video, their “Replay” dance practice was the first intentionally released dance practice, starting a trend that’s still going strong 13 years later.

2. They invented the “Rookie Grand Slam”

Winning one “Rookie of the Year” award is impressive enough, but some groups have managed to achieve a full sweep. Winning “Rookie of the Year” at the Melon Music Awards, the Mnet Asian Music Awards, the Golden Disc Awards, the GAON Chart Music Awards, and the Seoul Music Awards is what’s known as a “Rookie Grand Slam”.

Only five groups have ever achieved the “Grand Slam” feat. TXT and ITZY won the title in 2019, Wanna One received it in 2017, and iKON in 2015. But the first group to ever become “Grand Slam Rookies” was SHINee all the way back in 2008.

3. They were the first group to rank on Billboard

2020 was a huge year for K-Pop on the US Billboard charts, with two BTS songs sweeping no.1 debuts on the Hot 100. But, there was once a time when K-Pop acts weren’t yet big enough to even rank on Billboard’s World Albums Artists chart.

In 2013, two acts began the first K-Pop artists to break new ground. G-Dragon ranked at no.9 on the World Albums Artists chart, while SHINee simultaneously scored the no.10 spot after releasing The Misconceptions of Us trilogy.

| SM Entertainment

4. Every member has a postgraduate degree

Amazingly, in between releasing hit after hit, all the SHINee members found the time to study for postgraduate degrees. Jonghyun (who dropped out of high school in 10th grade) has a master’s degree in Film and Musical Studies from Myongji University, as does Taemin. Key studied the same subject at bachelor’s level, then achieved a master’s degree in Culture and Education Contents Development at Woosuk University.

Minho has a master’s degree in Film Acting from Konkuk University—perfect for his career as an actor. Finally, Onew has a master’s degree in Practical Music from Chungwoon University and he was last known to be studying for a Ph.D. in Music Broadcasting.

| Konkuk University

5. Minho got in a dating scandal… with a TVXQ member

All the SHINee members have had their fair share of dating rumors, but one of the most unbelievable involved Minho. In 2010, a Japanese tabloid reported that TVXQ‘s Changmin has been seen on a date with a mystery woman. But the long-haired “lady” in the picture wasn’t a woman at all. The luscious locks actually belonged to none other than Minho, whose ‘do got him mistaken for Changmin’s girlfriend.

| Friday

6. Onew has the longest high note in K-Pop

As one of SHINee’s main vocalists, it’s no surprise that Onew has impressive singing skills. His vocal range totals three octaves and two notes, and he’s known for his caramel tone, impressive use of head voice, and great vocal support. Alongside all that, he also holds the record for the longest high note in K-Pop, which lasted a staggering forty seconds.

7. Taemin accidentally appeared in a British music video

Taemin isn’t just a star in SHINee’s music videos. Back in the day, he accidentally appeared in a music video for a British band. Reportedly, Taemin was casually walking through an airplane aisle in 2011 and had no idea he was on camera. Fans later spotted him in the background of the video, shot by British indie rock band One Night Only.

| One Night Only

8. Key was a magazine editor

Ever noticed how much of a fashionista Key is? ELLE Korea thinks so too. That’s why they gave him his own column back in 2016. Titled “Key Story”, the column was released bi-weekly and covered a variety of topics. Key wrote his master’s thesis on fashion, so becoming a fashion editor for such a prestigious magazine must have been a dream come true.

9. Jonghyun was in a band before SHINee

Although Jonghyun was only 18 when SHINee debuted, the act wasn’t the first band he’s been in. Jonghyun was originally part of a band he formed with his schoolmates as a teenager. In 2005, when he was just 15 years old, SM Entertainment scouted him at a song festival where his band was playing.

Jonghyun, pre-debut