Where’s The “Single’s Inferno 2” Cast Now?

They’re living their best lives.

Single’s Inferno 2 finished airing almost a year ago, leaving fans with three couples who took their romance off-screen and into the real world. Here’s what all the cast members are up to now and whether the couples have stood the test of time.

1. Choi Seo Eun

Choi Seo Eun left the show as a couple with Jo Yoong Jae. They confirmed they were still dating afterward but haven’t given any updates on their relationship since. Choi Seo Eun is currently working in art, traveling, partnering with brands, and modeling.

Choi Seo Eun | @4x4ischoi/Instagram
| @4x4ischoi/Instagram

2. DEX

DEX, also known as Kim Jin Young, may have left the show without a romantic partner but is living his best life. When he’s not traveling and working with brands, DEX has featured in many variety shows like Bloody Game, Adventure by Accident, and Zombieverse. He’s even joined the main cast of hosts for the next season of Single’s Inferno.

Yoo Jae Suk, DEX, and Jo Se Ho. | @dex_xeb/Instagram

3. Lee Nadine

Lee Nadine also left the show without a special someone but had better things in store. She graduated from Harvard University and is busy traveling to London, Paris, Singapore, and more for luxury brand partnerships.

Lee Nadine | @deeenerss/Instagram

4. Choi Jong Woo

Choi Jong Woo left the show partnered with Shin Seul Ki. They appear to be yet another couple that didn’t stand the test of time but remains close with his castmates. When Choi Jong Woo isn’t running his coffee shop, he’s modeling and working with clothing brands.

Choi Seo Eun and Choi Jong Woo. | @jvvcful/Instagram

5. Lee So E

Lee So E left the show romantically tied to Kim Se Jun but broke up afterward. As a rookie actress, she’s been working hard in the K-Dramas The Glory, Heartbeat, and The Matchmakers.

6. Kim Se Jun

After the show, Kim Se Jun continued to focus on his clothing and beauty brands. When he’s not running his multiple businesses, he’s traveling and meeting up with his fellow Single’s Inferno contestants.

Kim Se Jun and DEX (Kim Jin Young) in Osaka, Japan. | @artistic__man/Instagram

7. Shin Seul Ki

Shin Seul Ki graduated from the prestigious Seoul National University while still making time to model for various luxury brands. She’ll be making her acting debut in the upcoming webtoon adaptation Pyramid Game.

8. Kim Han Bin

Kim Han Bin may have left the show without a romantic partner, but the award-winning chef has gained lifelong friends in his castmates and continues to enjoy his life.

Kim Han Bin | @domestic_seal/Instagram
Kim Han Bin with “Single’s Inferno 2” castmates. | @jennonpark/Instagram

9. Lim Min Su

2020 Miss Korea Lim Min Su also left the show single. Since then, she’s continued to model wedding dresses and live her daily life.

Lim Min Su | @limminsu000/Instagram
| @limminsu000/Instagram

10. Shin Dong Woo

Shin Dong Woo didn’t leave the show with a love interest but is doing fine all by himself. He’s walking the runway for famous clothing brands.

11. Park Se Jeong

Following the show, Park Se Jeong seemingly remains single. She continues to model and partner with luxury brands, also attending various events.

12. Jo Yoong Jae

Since the end of the show, Jo Yoong Jae has kept a low profile. He updates fans every couple of months with photos of his daily life.

Jo Yoong Jae | @yoongkda/Instagram

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