“Single’s Inferno” Cast Members Who Starred In Music Videos

Did you recognize them?

With three seasons of Single’s Inferno, we have been introduced to many multitalented contestants, including chefs, business owners, and actors.

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Many have also appeared in music videos by famous Korean music artists. Check them out below.

1. Kim Jin Young (also known as Dex)

Queen WA$ABII - Night Time love (feat.Babylon) [Official Music Video] 0-38 screenshot
DEX | 퀸와사비 Queen WASABII/YouTube
Before Dex appeared on Single’s Inferno 2, he attended a party in Queen WA$ABII‘s “Night Time love (feat.Babylon)” MV.

2. Shin Seul Ki

김재환(KIMJAEHWAN) _ 다 잊은 줄 알았어 (Unforgettable) Official MV 0-58 screenshot

Another Single’s Inferno 2 contestant, Seul Ki, has been in a music video. Seul Ki was the love interest in former Wanna One member Kim Jae Hwan‘s “Unforgettable” MV.

She will also soon make her K-Drama acting debut.

3. Moon Se Hoon

'그렇지 않아 (The Story Behind)' MV _ KYUHYUN EP 'Restart' 0-42 screenshot
Moon Se Hoon (left) and KYUHYUN (right) | 규현 KYUHYUN/YouTube

OG Single’s Inferno star Se Hoon appeared as a former schoolmate/friend of panelist and Super Junior member Kyuhyun in “The Story Behind” MV.

In the behind-the-scenes video, Kyuhyun revealed he asked Se Hoon to appear in the MV. Although Se Hoon is a busy chef and restaurant owner, it was too much of an honor to pass up.

4. Son Won Ik

[MV] Car, the garden(카더가든) - Closely Far Away(가까운 듯 먼 그대여) 0-45 screenshot
Son Won Ik | SUPER SOUND Bugs!/YouTube
While Won Ik didn’t get the girl in Single’s Inferno 3, he did star as the love interest in Car, the garden‘s “Closely Far Away” MV.

5. Park Se Jeong

Youngjae - 2nd Mini Album 'SUGAR' _ [SUGAR] M_V 1-5 screenshot
Park Se Jeong (left) and Youngjae (right) | YOUNGJAE/YouTube
Single’s Inferno 2 contestant Se Jeong appeared in GOT7 Youngjae‘s “SUGAR” MV as one of his “friends” or partygoers.

Honorable mention: Kang So Yeon

Single’s Inferno fan-favorite Kang So Yeon was previously a member of the co-ed K-Pop group WE under the stage name Rosie.

She made her comeback in 2022 with “Loca Loca.”

Is there any we missed? Let us know!

Source: Reddit

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