These Six ’93 Liners Were Born With Perfect Visuals And Perfect Acting Skills

Young, rich, and beautiful.

Netizens choses these six actors/actresses as the ones that are both talented and beautiful that were born in the year 1993.

1. IU

Recently, IU has impressed everyone with her performance as Jang Man Wol in Hotel Del Luna. IU is also active as a singer, proving her immense versatility and skills. Born in May 16, 1993, the idol-actor turned 26 years old.

2. Seo Kang Joon

Seo Kang Joon is not only known for his amazing visuals which make him look like he came straight out of an animation. Born in October 12, 1993, the actor just turned 26 years old. To celebrate, he held a fan meeting in which he could meet his fans.

3. Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum is only 26 years old but already a pioneer actor for the Hallyu wave. The actor has been recognized for his acting skills, and that partnered with his outstanding visuals make him sought out for numerous drama.

4. Jung Eunji

Jung Eunji first made her debut in the group Apink before pursuing a career in acting. Already recognized for her main vocal skills is also acknowledged for her acting skills in the drama Reply 1997.

5. Lee Hyun Woo

Lee Hyun Woo has recently finished his military enlistment. The 26 years old has returned to work right after the enlistment, and people are anticipating his next drama.

6. Yoo Seung Ho

The actor began his career as a child actor in 2000 and has since appeared in numerous dramas. The 26 year old is expected to take on a history drama, thriller, and romance in the future, with people anticipating his skills.

Source: Insight