4 Tips That Will Help You Actually Lose Weight, According To K-Pop Idols

#3 is genius!

Former SISTAR‘s Soyou once revealed some of her best diet tips on her weight loss journey. Check them out below.

Soyou | @soooo_you/Instagram

1. Create a meal plan.

The first step is to create a meal plan that is not too restrictive compared to your usual diet.

If the diet is too restrictive, it will be too hard to maintain.

2. Eat all your meals.

Make sure to eat all three of your meals.

Make sure to get in enough protein. If you don’t often enjoy a particular meal, substitute it for something small and simple that contains protein.

3. Make your own lunch.

You’re more likely to stick to a diet if you prepare your own food from home.

Since you worked for it, you won’t let it go to waste.

4. Keep a food diary.

You can take photos or write down everything you eat.

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