3 Workout Videos That Will Help You Lose Weight, According To K-Pop Idols

The results are amazing!

Former SISTAR‘s Soyou has been known for her model-like body for years and has disclosed many of her fitness secrets.

Soyou | @soooo_you/Instagram

She once shared some of the easily accessible workout videos that everybody can access for free and can appeal to people of all fitness levels.

| @soooo_you/Instagram

1. Thankyou BUBU

She first shared the channel Thankyou BUBU which has various workouts including a “calorie exploding workout.”

The workouts are easy with simple moves but it still helps you get a good sweat.

Check out the video Soyou recommends below.

2. Chloe Ting

Next, Chloe Ting has many workouts for different body parts including abs, glutes, and whole body routines.

This is good for people who can’t afford a gym membership and/or love getting a good workout in a short amount of time.

Check out one of her most popular videos below.


If you prefer yoga as a workout, there are many videos in various categories from YOGABOY.

Soyou recommends his 30-minute full-body yoga for weight loss.

If you need new workout ideas, try implementing these videos into your routine like Soyou!

| @soooo_you/Instagram

Check out her full video below.