“She Is Still Precious To Me”: 8 HyunA And DAWN Moments We’ll Never Forget

#3 was truly iconic!

K-Pop fans worldwide were shocked when iconic couple HyunA and DAWN announced the end of their many years-long relationship, despite getting engaged in February 2022. HyunA and Dawn were often credited with normalizing relationships between K-Pop idols, despite the taboo subject, and fans loved seeing the two together.

While the two have stated that they will remain friends and colleagues, here are some of their most iconic moments that we will never forget!

1. Going Against Their Company

When rumors of the pair’s relationship were first spread, the pair’s former company, Cube Entertainment, initially denied that they were dating. HyunA and DAWN decided to reveal their relationship, which ultimately ended with the termination of their contracts.

HyunA (right) and DAWN (left) during their first public appearance after their relationship was revealed.

2. They were the first K-Pop couple to release a duet album…

HyunA and DAWN were the very first K-Pop couple to release an entire album together. Their EP 1+1=1 came out on September 9, 2021, with the title track “Ping Ping.”


3. …leading to some steamy and sweet performances of their title track, “Ping Pong”

The two teamed up to release “Ping Pong” and had quite a few fun, steamy, and sweet moments while performing the song live.


4.  DAWN Keeping HyunA Safe In A Huge Crowd

The two attended the LOEWE Fashion Show in Paris in June 2022. While fans were impressed by their stylist outfits, they couldn’t help but swoon over DAWN holding HyunA to ensure she stayed safe.

5. Knowing Brothers

When HyunA and DAWN appeared on Knowing Brothers in 2019, they didn’t hold back their affection for each other! The pair were very open with talking about their relationship, including how it all began with HyunA having a crush!


6. DAWN Locking HyunA Out On Live

This cute clip was a huge fan favorite, as the two spoke in English and HyunA kept repeating that she was “very angry.

7. HyunA shipping DAWN and Wonho together.

While DAWN was promoting “Stupid Cool,” he and Wonho came together to film a few TikToks. During one, as DAWN was doing sit-ups, HyunA could be heard off-screen yelling for them to kiss!

8. HyunA’s Birthday Photoshoot

While the two did end up getting engaged, fans were initially very confused when HyunA shared multiple photos of her and DAWN wearing white outfits in very romantic poses. Some fans even guessed that the two decided to get married suddenly, although it was later discovered they were celebrating HyunA’s birthday.

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